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CHECK IT! So you've heard PLUR before...

Peace is defined as a state of tranquility or quiet (but we still like our music loud).

Love is defined as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship.

Unity is defined as the quality or state of not being multiple or divided.

Respect is defined as having high or special regard for something or someone.



If this is your motto then this site is for you. We are a peace loving group of people who are united in the desire to respect YOU. We are dancers, singers, artists, friends and sisters/brothers that identify with YOU and love YOU. Why? Because we were all created to do just that and we want you to be part of our growing family! Now that you know a little about who we are, can we talk about you?

Ok, cool! Are you a dancer, an artist, a creative thinker? Are you abstract and out of the box? Do you feel different than what society calls “Normal”? Do you often feel like an outsider in your family, school, friends, job, or anything else? These are questions we commonly found ourselves asking in life so we can totally relate.

However, the most common and important ones we tend to repeat a million times over are:

  1. Who am I?

  2. What’s my purpose?

In asking those questions we are searching for identity. Identity is such a complex thing that even Webster’s Dictionary does it no justice. If you ask Siri, she can’t tell you anything either. If you haven’t told her first, she simply asks you to define yourself or offers to do a web search for you. Awesome, thanks, Siri! We do the same thing though. We fail to recognize who we are and we go in search of something to tell us instead. It’s the same reason why we all have such a hard time writing things about ourselves in a positive light. We can generate a trillion things about us that we don’t like or need to change, but ask us for one sincere positive thought and we choke! Why is that? It’s as if we just typed “Who am I” in google and we’re stuck on the spinning wheel or we get the T-rex, right?


That’s where we come in. If you know PLUR and live by PLUR then we know you have found something that resonates within you and that’s the life we’re about, too. We found our identity in a peace giving, loving God that unites us with our true identity and, because of His love, we respect ourselves and others equally. We do not exclude or discriminate as we know Jesus Himself did not either. We know you were called to this page and we want you to know that, above all else…


We dance and sing like crazy and, occasionally, we throw parties. Our parties are drug free and safe environments where we can all come together and enjoy what we were created to do!! As a collective of people who are also considered outcasts in today’s society, we want to invite you to come be different with us. In spite of the hateful world we live in today, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of love and want to share ours with you, too. Like you, we love to party, we like our music loud, and when the beat drops, we lose our minds.

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